St.Robert Hotel



Based in Piraí, 90 minutes from Rio de Janeiro, Hotel Farm San Robert is a place ideal to relax and forget the stress of big cities and enjoy moments with your family. Perfect for your kids have fun with and spend lots of energy. ASDArt was hired to create a family of mascots based on the owners of the hotel mixing with animals living in the farm. we have in order, Bob Panga, a famous horse that plays with kids, Lili Cow, girlfriend of Bob, Pedrinho, the kid based on Indiana Jones personality, explorer, Hunter and funny. Vó Biza, the chef of the kitchen, she takes care of the family and food, she always know what to cook, what everyone needs and she has the biggest heart in the world. Nono’s frog, the representative of the waiter and the owner of the bar of the hotel, he know everything about drinks, specially beers and Miss Kate, the aunt of the family.


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